My day job is teaching middle school math, and I want you to multiply your vote in 2019.

Have you voted?
Has everyone in your household voted?
Have your family and friends voted?
Have your neighbors voted?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, please remind those people to vote. Follow up with them before November 5th to make sure they have voted. In an odd year local election only ⅓ of people vote on average. We can do better than that. According to the Secretary of State’s Office this year Republicans are turning in their ballots at a faster rate than Democrats. We again, can do better than that too.

In the last few days before November 5th please vote. Go through your contacts, and make sure they all vote. If you have time you can make sure your neighbours vote by knocking on doors in your precinct or volunteering directly for your favorite campaign. When Democrats vote we win!

A map of ballot drop boxes, and in person polling places can be found here. It is too late to mail your ballot.

-Jerad Sutton, Chair of the Weld County Democratic Party