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Poll Watchers and Voter Protection

The Weld County Democrats are recruiting Poll Watchers to ensure voter protection for 2019 and 2020 Elections and beyond.

In-person voters will find Poll Watchers and Election Judges at Voter Service Polling Centers (VSPCs)
Election Judges are official county poll workers who work for the county clerk and are responsible for running the VSPCs. They are supposed to be balanced in number between major political parties, but serve in a non-partisan capacity.

Poll Watchers, on the other hand, are the eyes and ears of their affiliated Party, monitoring the entire voting process inside and outside VSPCs and the Ballot Processing facility. Poll watchers are critical to ensuring votes are counted correctly and any irregularities are addressed. A Poll Watcher’s job is to ensure that every Colorado voter is able to exercise their right to vote and that the process is open and fair.

In order to be certified as a Poll Watchers, you need to complete an online training session provided by the State Party and be certified by the county clerk. In order to qualify as a Poll Watcher, you must be an eligible voter in Colorado, selected by the Party, and you cannot be a candidate or an immediate family member of a candidate.

Poll Watchers monitor the following:
 Set up and break down of VSPCs
 Voter check in and registration
 Ballot receipts and processing
 Signature verification
 Ballot tabulation
 Provisional Ballot process
 Recounts

Currently we need seven (7) Poll Watchers to monitor the 2019 Election. We have a deadline of October 28th to recruit, complete training, and certify watchers. If you are interested, please call Pat Kiovsky at 970-381-1806,  or email patkiovsky@aol.com.

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