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It is pedal to the metal time for the next 13 months. Ballots will be in your mailboxes soon. It is extremely important that Democrats VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION!!!

A Yes vote on the statewide ballot issue Proposition CC will help fund education and our roads by keeping the money collected over the TABOR cap.

City council, school board, and local ballot issues are extremely important races to vote on in every community across Weld County. We need to make change starting at the local level.

Please consider volunteering with us, and help make sure Democrats get out and VOTE. You can volunteer by filling out the form on www.weldcountydems.org.

After Election Day this November 5th we will have time to catch our breath, and then start preparing for 2020 races.

The Colorado Presidential Primary will be March 3 which will proportionally determine the number of delegates each presidential candidate will get from Colorado to the National Convention.

A few days later on Saturday March 7 we will hold Precinct Caucuses where we will take a preference vote for the US Senate candidates.

There is a lot to do in the next 13 months. We need all hands on deck to win in 2019, and next year in 2020.

Jerad Sutton, Chair
Weld County Democratic Party

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