Weld County plan to spend $1M to create oil and gas department hinges on still-unsettled local control question

Signs denoting the Weld County Commissioners’ support of the oil and gas industry hang next to their names at a meeting, where the commissioners signed a proclamation in support of oil and gas earlier this year. (Emily Wenger/ewenger@greeleytribune.com)

June 23, 2019 Greeley, Colorado. A Board of Weld County Commissioners plan to spend $1 million per year on a new oil and gas department may turn out to be a waste unless commissioners here are on the right side of a jurisdictional fight that will parse every letter of the definition of local control.

The oil and gas-supporting board of commissioners is moving to head off any statewide changes via the state’s new oil and gas law that wouldn’t be industry-friendly, with officials saying they want to ensure companies face no new regulations — at least for now.

The initial plan, discussed at least twice in work sessions involving Weld County Finance Director Don Warden, calls for 10-15 employees in a new “one-stop shop” oil and gas department housed in the old Rubadue building at 1301 N. 17th Ave., Commissioner Chairwoman Barbara Kirkmeyer and Warden confirmed. Read more from the Greeley Tribune.