Just when we thought that life might slow down a bit after two fantastic fundraisers the first four months of this year, new officers taking their posts after Re-Org, the Regional re-structuring of the county and regional captains appointed, and and a flurry of goal setting by the Executive committee, we get gobsmacked by a crazy recall campaign.

We’d like to urge all registered Democrats in House District 50 and beyond to participate in helping Representative Rochelle Galindo and the statewide anti-recall committee, “Our Colorado Way of Life”, in their efforts. As usual, volunteers are being sought for phone banking, canvassing and raising funds. You can find more information in this newsletter or by calling the County Party office at 970-351-7047.

We’d also like to say thank you to the amazing letter writers that we are seeing in the Greeley Tribune newspaper. The passion and common sense that is expressed in these letters will surely help mobilize other Democrats and help our non-Democrat neighbors understand what is at stake when duly elected legislators are attacked by powerful, entrenched forces.

Please make time to become involved in the local political process – it affects all of our daily lives more than we realize! And make sure to tell your friends and neighbors to avoid the petition gathering. With a little luck, we should be able to get back to work finding candidates for town councils, school boards and other local districts for elections this fall instead of fighting to safeguard votes we’ve already made.

Your True Blue Friend,
Lyn Nelson, Treasurer