CAndidates/Ballot Measures


Looking for information about who you can vote for? Go to to look up the House, Senate, and Commissioner Districts you live in.


The Weld County Party is proud to endorse these candidates.

Governor & Lt. GoveRnor

Jared Polis & Diana Primavera -

COngress - CD4

Karen McCormick -


Dave Young -

Secretary of State

Jena Griswold -

Attorney General

Phil Weiser -

CU Regent - At LARGE

Lesley Smith - 

State Board of Education - CD4

Tim Krug - 

HD 48

Gbenga Ajiboye

HD 49

Conor Duffy -

HD 50

Rochelle Galindo -

HD 63

Brandon Bobian -

sd 1

Debra Gustafson

SD 13

Phil Kelley -

Weld County Clerk and Recorder

Susie Velasquez -

Weld COunty Commissioner - At-Large

Carl Erickson -

Weld COunty Commissioner - District 2

Duane Leise -

Weld COunty Council -


Tommy Butler -

Weld County Council -

At-Large District 3

Paul Echternacht

Ballot Measures

The Weld County Democratic Party has taken a position on these ballot measures:

☑ YES on Amendment 73:

Increased K-12 Funding

☐ NO on Amendment 74:

Lawsuits and Headaches For CO

☑ YES on Proposition 111:

Limits on Payday Lending

☑ YES on Proposition 112:

Oil and Gas Safety

☑ YES on Amendment V:

Lowers age to Serve in the Legislature to 21

For the several other ballot measures: here is the Colorado Democratic Party’s stance: